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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Little Tyke Tuesday} Mama's baby, Papa's maybe.

So, I haven't been blogging like I told myself that I would... "Everyday will have a theme. I'll blog everyday." Yeah. Right. (But one day, I will.) Life is getting in the way. Work, being a mommy and a good companion; it makes doing things that are important to me VERY difficult.

That was a total sidebar from what I was about to talk about... So, yesterday, I went to my parents house after work. My daughter has been with her father for the last three weeks and I have missed her like CRAZY! But, because of work and a few other extenuating circumstances; she's going to be with my parents through the end of the week. I feel terrible about it. I really do, but I can't change it.

The real truth is; I can. I should. I MUST.

My best friend Racheal really gave me a perspective that I never even considered. Now, my entire outlook has changed.

To give you that story; I have to give the back story so, here goes.

My daughter is enrolled at a half day pre-school that her father chose. It's three blocks from his house and free, run by a State assisted church, and, free. The first week of class; Shey saw a dead mouse in the 'pee-pee toilet'. As such; I've never taken this school seriously. I've always felt like her TRUE school life won't begin until Kindergarten.

On Monday, My mom told me that she probably wouldn't be able to get her to school since she and my step dad were down to one car (which happened NOT to be the more gas efficient vehicle of the two) and had a lot of appointments this week. I told her not to worry about it; Shey REALLY starts school in the fall... Don't worry about that neighborhood school.

Then comes the call from Paul... "Shey had a bad report card. Did she go to school today? What are y'all doing over there?"

I HATE having to answer to someone whom I feel is parentally inferior to me in every way.... BUT! In this way; he is superior. He sends her to school every day that she's with him. He COULD make the argument that I'm denying her the head start that she needs to succeed in the competitive environment that I'm sending her to.

Once I got a lecture from him... The same dude who went 10 months without talking to her... The same dude  who needed a second person around to fully care for her; I felt convicted. I fully realized that I needed to take control of my little girl's situation. Not him. True story; my daughter WILL be literate when Kindergarten hits, just like I was. She will lead the charge, not be behind, the kids who have been prepared.

My parents are going to be phased out of the equation. In terms of who is responsible for her education. Even if it means that I have to make bigger sacrifices. Time off or not; Shey is MY kid. She will look to ME later on to sat what I did or didn't do. True story.

Thanks Racheal.

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