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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting old. Getting SERIOUS. Today's gonna be "The Day"

So this morning, my best friend and I went to a writer's workshop at a bookstore on the campus of Wayne State  University. It's always enriching to go to Wayne State because it gives off the vibe of creativity and academia that I miss so much.
Anyhow. The writer's workshop was not only helpful but insightful too. I always give myself thousands of reasons as to why I don't write more or often and listening to Sylvia Hubbard provoked me to get my mind right.
After listening to all of the things that she does just in the literary world; I was blown away to hear that she is the mother of three children and subsequently has a "benefits job." I couldn't believe it.
I listened intently for more than two hours. I took notes and offered comments. When it was over, I exchanged info with some of the other participants and came home on FIRE.
I can't remember the last time I sat in front of my computer for any length of time doing something other than messing around on facebook.

I have a cousin who is slightly younger than me, maybe by a couple of years. He grew up in Grand Rapids, MI; a town about 2.5 hours from Detroit so growing up, we only saw each other once in a great while.

I found him on facebook a few months ago and have effectively gone from being his cousin to a fan/supporter. I watch the interviews and videos that he posts about the different things that he's doing and it's surreal. He's doing very well for himself and the things that he talks about in terms of how he gets his success are all things that Sylvia talked about today.

Since I've moved into my new place, I have yet to get any sort of cable installed. What I'm noticing now that I don't have cable is that I am addicted to TV. I find myself watching the same DVDs that I've had and have seen many times just because I have become accustomed to watching TV while I'm eating or, after work, for instance.

My cousin said that he doesn't watch TV and he doesn't own a DVD player. When I heard that, it was unconscionable. Now; not so much. I've always told myself that there were other things that I could or should be doing instead of watching reruns of Law & Order or random HGTV shows. Now, I see that it's not only possible; but better.

I found myself telling myself that I didn't have time to write. But looking back to before I moved (just over a month ago), I watched no less than 2-3 hours of TV per day! It's amazing to me because I had myself convinced that I didn't have time to exercise, read my Bible, or write because I work too much. Talk about a revelation!

I'm excited! More excited than I have been about anything in a while. My daughter is going to be with her Dad for the next few weeks and I plan to use this time to establish some new habits.

Word up.

The Roots - "The Day"

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  1. ... Kinda pissed that you blog about my brother but I don't get shyt!!! I taught him everything he knows!!! :-D