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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My first Love

With everything that's been going on in this last year; writing had taken a back seat. A year ago today, Jerry and I met and the whirlwind began. Married, pregnant and +1 in less than a year. We went from being respective single parents to a family of five seemingly overnight.
It's been unthinkable, and, awesome. This past year, I've spent laying the foundation for our blended family and our relationship. In that time, I have all but rejected my first love; writing. It's easy to say "I'll write twice as much tomorrow" or "I'm taking a break" but the truth is, just as with any other talent, if you don't use it, you lose it.
My best friend and writing partner was once the less diligent writer between the two of us. Over the weekend, she sent me some chapters that allowed me to see the progress that she's making in her project.
Since I've had the baby (11-27-12; 7 lbs 11oz, 20.5" long) I've been feeling more creative but very tired. The plan is just to do what I can when I can. So, here's the start; a short blog post which will be followed by news on the chapters to follow.
Having another year, having a baby, and celebrating an anniversary are all milestones indeed, but it's past time I start giving my first love the attention it deserves.