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Monday, June 6, 2011


I haven't blogged all month! (It's only the 6th so I'm being dramatic). But I've been uber busy at work; I'm still trying to find the balance. Last month was not only the last month of our fiscal, but it was also THE best month I have had so far at work. I surpassed my normal route volume by 60% and, I hit Pinnacle Club.
Pinnacle Club is a big deal, but the 'peak' so to speak, of Pinnacle Club is called Summit.
Essentially, Summit means that out of the things that are expected from me; I have met all of them. It is perfection and it has been a long time coming. I've been with the company for 19 months; on route for a year and a half. Pinnacle Club is a bonus program and by hitting Summit, I guarantee myself the largest bonus possible so I'm doubly excited.
Working for this company has shown me a lot of things that I didn't know about life, and more importantly, myself. Because I've always had issues with my self esteem, I never would have considered myself to be confident but, I am. More so in my abilities than in myself I think (if that makes sense). But, as I get older and I grow in the things of God and the things that I learn, I find myself being more grateful for the things that I may have taken for granted as a younger person. Like my time. I can remember a time when I would waste entire days doing nothing. Watching TV mostly, talking on the phone about nothing.
Looking back on my security guard days; I thought I made good use of my time by reading and doing school work. Now that my time is not my own and I'm forced to maximize every minute I have in the field, I long for time to do simple things; read a book (even a few chapters), having the energy to exercise more often, time to cook an elaborate meal in the middle of the week.
The key to being able to do any of this lies in me mastering my job. I'm getting the concepts of it; more selling, less chatting. I find myself carrying on conversations with customers that have nothing to do with selling. It's important to do every so often but not all the time. I did the math; on average, I see 8 customers a day. BY spending 15 minutes talking to them after the invoice has been signed, I add (at minimum) two hours onto my day. By weeks' end; that's 10 hours, or, an entire work day. At the end of one 4 week cycle; that's 4 days. And on average; that's about how far behind I am at the end of any given month.
There was talk of cutting my route and/or transferring some of my customers to another route. Now that I pretty much figured out the issue; I'm good. I hope they don't touch my route.
With the new fiscal year came some adjustments to Pinnacle Club. They've made adjustments to make it more challenging to get there but I'm determined to ride the same wave that I rode into the last one. Who doesn't like getting bonuses? I know I do. I've got my eye on a new (to me) car, an Evo phone and a PS3.
With the kind of money I've been bringing home these last six weeks; it's totally possible and I couldn't be more stoked about it.

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