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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Little Tyke Tuesday} He Loves Her Anyway... - Role Reversal

This past weekend, I went to the Beauty Salon to get my hair done. I know, right? I don't seem the type. Well, I'm not... It is not and never has been my thing but I needed some professional advice! For the last, past six months or son; my hair has been falling out! I've lost no less than 15 locs and I couldn't figure out why! Turns out (just as I thought) it was stress that was causing the hair loss. 

I was elated to have an answer, and, surprisingly, elated to spend the Benjamin I spent on getting an answer whilst getting my hair done. 

While I was there; my daughter was with my Grandmother. It was cool; she's never spent more than a few minutes with her without me being present. I just KNEW she was going to flip out. 

She didn't. 

I was glad. 

Her Dad and I had just gotten through a tumultuous week and I was grateful for the reprieve. I didn't want to take her to the salon with me, even though she was bound to be the topic of conversation.

Once I got home and I was alone, I text my boo and told him what was the what. He wanted a pic of my freshly done do and an update on Shey. 

Yes... I love that man. One of the biggest reasons is because he loves my Boonchie.

My standards aren't super high or, overly complicated... I want a man who loves me (as I am), who's a Christian and who has something to offer.

Thank God my man has all of that and then some. 

He's met Shey  and they love, love LOVE each other!

She tells me (daily) how much she misses him, how much she loves him. 

I couldn't be more grateful. 

But! In truth; a part of me feels like I'm cheating him (and me) by giving him his (first) child by way of my second child. More so; I'm just grateful that he didn't discriminate and exclude me from the running because of my daughter. 

My Babe is the one who hipped me to Joe Budden. Because of that: I'm a fan through and through. But! I'm more appreciative that (I feel) he feels that way about my daughter deep down.


Joe Budden - Role Reversal 

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