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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Me Some Business.

So I work for a huge company. A very well known and established company that offers awesome benefits, paydays every Friday, lots of sick, personal, and vacation days and no weekends. And I . Hate. It. For a long time; I loved it. Lived it. Dreamed about it. Literally. As the year (yes, year as in 1 year) has passed; I've grown weary. Of the customers, the demands from the customers and the expectations. The better I do; the more they expect. To go from being top dog; the one who could do no wrong to be counseled and corrected on how to do my job better, all in a matter of one business quarter really, REALLY sucks.
Hence the subject; finding me some business. At heart; I'm an entrepreneur. Maybe because I have the heart and mind of a leader or maybe because I'm not good at taking direction from others. Maybe because I've always had God-given, innovative ideas on how to be successful. Regardless; it's time for me to be out of that place. I'm spending 10-14 hours a day at work, commuting to work or working at home for work. With that type of time invested into myself; there's no telling what other things I'd be able to accomplish. Actually; there is SOME telling because I've got a ton of ideas stored up and waiting for me to implement them.
Before taking this job with this huge company; I worked for my best friends' company as a Process Server. It was an awesome job that showed me a lot. But, I killed 2.5 cars doing it and I felt like I LIVED the job. Between spending all of my work hours at the office with my best friends, us and our kids constantly hanging out together and having to route stops for another coworker in my spare time; I never got away from the job. So when the opportunity for the job at the huge company presented itself, the stability that this mega company had to offer plus benefits was too much to resist.
After a lengthy hiring process (5 interviews, background, criminal history, background and drug test), I was offered a job and I couldn't have been happier. I started the job with a zeal and vigor that hadn't been matched since I'd had my first real job at 16. After several months of 12+ hour days for checks that barely rivaled what I made process serving; my eagerness began to wane. My parents spent more time with my daughter than I did and it was beginning to show in her attitude. And the truth of the matter was that by the time I did get to see her; I was so tired and my fuse so short from such a long, tiresome day, that I couldn't enjoy my time with her.
Until things change and I can (amicably) leave this mega company; I'm going to continue to give it my all. What's changed is that I'm no longer going to short change myself in the process. Instead of "wake, eat, work, sleep, repeat" I'm beginning to invest time in myself again; exercising, writing, caking with my boo. Doing the things that make me remember me, not the fem-bot that works for the mega company.
I'm gleaning inspiration from those around me who are taking steps toward living their dreams. I see it everyday in the simplest things; my "little" cousin who's making waves and news left and right with the first App of its kind.
Seeing all of his posts and pictures, I didn't know that he still worked a conventional job until I saw an interview with him and his partner talking about what little sleep they get and how they finance their vision with conventional jobs. I'm immensely proud of him for a number of reasons, but mostly because he's still humble, and still the good kid my favorite Uncle and Aunt raised him to be. He's going places but only because he's made a conscious effort to do so. Talk about simple wisdom.
Another inspiration; my BFF and writing partner. We do a lot together; and apparently; we are going through our quarter life crisis together (even though she's got another 3 years before she's 30). Her quarter life crisis however, is spurring the Great American Novel. Or at least the Amazing Michigan Book. She was gracious enough to share her progress with me and I was nothing short of awestruck. It's the kind of writing that I've read every great writer other than her, write. I literally think about the people (not to be confused with characters) when I'm not ensconced in the story. It's the type of writing that makes bad writers jealous and good writers want to write.
I gotta find me some business...
I keep saying that after I move; I'm going to get all this stuff going but I'm not going to wait. I'm gonna go find me some business!

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