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Monday, May 9, 2011

{Money Monday} Earn More to Save More

I don't want to speak prematurely but I think I have this whole work thing figured out. I've been making more money while working fewer hours. What's better than that right?
The truth is; I've got a new mantra... Three very simple things that I charge myself to do daily; Write, Save Money and Exercise. Today, I actually have done all three. I'm blogging now, I went to the grocery store and picked up stuff for my lunch for the week so that I'm not buying takeout and, I did a pretty intense calisthenic workout that I'm sure to pay for in the morning when I go to workout again. 
In an effort to both maximize and simplify my life (kind of oxymoronic, eh?), I've all but figured out what I need to do in order to truly be able to live the life I've always wanted to live. 
I'm in the market for a car (again). It'll be the third one I've had THIS YEAR... Buying $1000 cars, obviously, doesn't get you very far. So, I'm working my tail off to save up for a $2000 car, lol. 
Truthfully, I don't believe in financing cars but at this point, I'm ready to bite the bullet and do it. I've given it some serious thought but the reality is while I can afford the car payment; I can't and will not do it. I live on the last street in the city of Detroit, my home shares a zip code with a suburban city. But, it is still Detroit. As such, full coverage insurance (a requirement for a financed vehicle) would l i t e r a l l y cost me twice what the car note would cost. It's not worth it.
Which is another reason why I am saving money. Not only for another car but for another house. As much as I love my home and my neighborhood; my vision has changed. This house is perfect for my daughter and I; a 3 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow. Both of our rooms are on the main floor, my office is in the big room upstairs and the basement is used for storage. I've thought about what I would do to make the man that will be my husband feel comfortable and a part of what is now my space when we marry.
He has really nice furniture and it would be wasted in an unfinished basement. So, I thought "I'll finish the basement for him." The more I looked into doing that for him; the more evident it became that it wouldn't make sense to make such a huge monetary investment into such a small, older house. 
We agree that we want more children. So I've began a house hunt in the suburbs. It's exciting; looking at properties that have master suites, dens, family rooms, finished basements, pools. Things I never even really thought about. I never really thought about life outside of the city of Detroit. At least not this early on. But really; this is the best time to do it. The entire prospect is invigorating. To think that I will be in a newer home in a different neighborhood during a timeline that will be determined by my willingness to work for it is a driving force in and of itself. 

CNN - How to Buy a House

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