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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walk it off and don't cry in front of strangers!

I felt like such a punk yesterday. As I was walking to my work van, I rolled my ankle, collapsing my weight under it. I heard a pop and was in instant pain. I tried to walk it off; to pray over it and keep it moving but to no avail. I was on my way to a 9 o'clock appointment and most likely; a $3,000 day.
Defeated; I walked back into the clinic, holding back tears and asking for help. After calling my boss, examinations and x-rays, I was driven to my parents house by my boss and told to rest and follow the instructions from the clinic. I picked up my daughter, got in my truck and came home.
Once we were home; both of us were hungry so I undertook the task of making ramen noodles. It took forever.
Hobbling around on crutches trying to put the water into the noodles, put it in the microwave, drain it, season it, put it in the freezer to cool off... It was extremely laborious and tiring. I ended up needing a nap.

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