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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Baby face"

I saw one of my teachers from High School today; Ms. Johnson. She owns a dance studio and a few weeks back it burned to the ground. Today was a fundraising skate party for the studio. I've been thinking about putting  my daughter into a dance class but the only one I know about has obviously unscrupulous owners. I thought it'd be fun to go skating. Even though I suck at it and haven't done it in years; I'm all for exposing my little girl to new things and people. Plus; once they rebuild; I plan on enrolling my little girl in the dance school.
I rented two pair of skates against my better judgement and ended up returning my skates within 8 minutes of putting them on. My daughter was all over the place and it didn't make sense for me to be stumbling around while holding her hand trying to keep her from stumbling around. I returned my skates and proceeded to walk with my daughter attempting to coach her on how to stay more on her feet than her butt.
We ran into Ms. Johnson (who everyone calls Ms. Camille) while my daughter continued to struggle to gather her bearings. Ms. Johnson looked exactly like she did when she taught our Health class in high school. Though she seemed shorter. Just as bubbly as ever I told her that I fully intended to enroll my little girl at her school next fall after her 5th birthday. Surprisingly; my daughter responded well to Ms. Camille who was as upbeat and smiley as I remembered. She told me that I look the same despite being "all grown up". She told me I have a baby face. I reminded her that I was 30.
We shared a laugh before allowing her to get back to the throngs of people who were vying for her attention.
We hugged and spoke again as we were leaving, after I bought a t-shirt and collected some information about a trip to Asia (that I full intend on going to).
It was great seeing all of the kids and parents out. What was really interesting was seeing so few overweight Sisters. I was inspired by Ms. Johnson even more so than back in the day. To see her strength in the midst of losing her business so suddenly and tragically added to the fact that two children and an ex-husband later, she looks just as youthful as she did when I graduated more than 10 years ago.
All in all; it was a great night. Just before the party ended; Ms. Johnson came over the loudspeaker and thanked all of us for coming and announced that they would be building a new studio directly across the street from the old one. "God is good!" she said proudly and sincerely. From the arcade area; I agreed with an "All the time; Amen!"

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