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Saturday, April 16, 2011

{Significant Other Saturday} So Happy Together.

Flobots -  "So Happy Together"

It's hard not to compare a current significant other to a previous significant other. A part of me almost feels guilty for doing so... But then again; not so much. Once I compare apples to apples and realize that the one I'm comparing doesn't even belong in the same category; I stop feeling bad. I was married for a good portion of my 20s to a person who not only did not recognize my value but plucked away at said value until (he thought) there was none left. So, to be with a man now who not only reinforces that value, but, adds to it at every chance, is slightly off-putting. But... I love it.

I can talk to him about everything without fear of repercussion or reprimand. He hugs me whenever I need one without making me feel needy or insecure. We talk, laugh, drink and joke together. He makes me happy.
I'm one that believes that ones' partner should COMPLIMENT not COMPLETE them. People are constantly leaving relationships because their partner does not make them happy. (Happiness is based on what is HAPPENING. Joy comes from within. It is what sustains a person when happiness is fleeting.) That aside; my boyfriend adds to my life; he makes things better.  

We both have our issues outside of one another. Work sucks at times for both of us and life gets to us but we've made it a point to be the happy thought in the morning wishing one another a good day. To be the ones that can help to brighten the other's day. Before bed, we wish each other well so that we can go to bed with a good thought so that we rest well and wake up the same. He's my happy thought.

And truthfully; I wouldn't want it any other way.

'Nuff said.

Anthony David - 'Forever More'

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